Steppin Up, Inc. - High Steppers
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About the High Stepper

Steppin Up, Inc. announces the High Stepper.  A new alternative to the traditional "drywall stilt".  High Stepper can be used in all phases of construction, such as:
  • frame work
  • sheetrock hanging
  • mudding
  • taping
  • painting
  • wall papering
  • electrical work
  • cleaning
  • hard to reach places

High Stepper can be used in place of ladders, eliminating the need to continuously climb up and down; moving to a new location.  This will save "wear-and-tear" on the body, in addition to getting your project finished much more quickly and safely.   High Stepper is quick and easy, on and off.  They are very comfortable and easy to walk around on. High Stepper is also very lightweight and easily adjustable to different heights... no tools needed!


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